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WALK OF SHAME lyrics Rick Miller copyright 2014

The sun hurts my eyes blinking open
Why am I lying outside?
I seem to have come to
In a pen at the zoo
All around me are wolves
Where the hell are my clothes?
Last thing I remember from last night
I was staring up at the full moon
After that, I'm not sure
It's a bit of a blur
Did I run through the park?
At one point, did I bark?
And now it's the morning after
It looks like it's starting to rain
And I'm nursing a wicked hangover
Werewolf walk of shame
The rain, it turns out, is a blessing
'Cause it helps to wash off all the blood
Fragments of memory
(Are) returning to haunt me
What the hell was I thinking?
What the hell was I drinking?
As I walk by a newsbox the headline
Screams out bloody murder at me
Last night in the park
They were out after dark
They got torn all to shreds
they were missing their heads
And now it's the morning after
Last night has a lot to explain
And I'm feeling like chewed-up leftovers
Werewolf walk of shame
This morning it literally dawned on me
The old gypsy woman was right
Oh yes, I was warned
--Advice that I scorned --
Now the facts on the ground
They have hunted me down
Last month when I was traveling in Scotland
And I found myself lost on the moor
I stepped off of the track
But I brought something back
A disease of the soul
Something I can’t control

And now it's the morning after
I done it, but I ain't to blame
Worried that I'll blow my cover
Werewolf walk of shame


from Half Brothers Brand Album, released August 9, 2013


all rights reserved



The Half Brothers Seattle, Washington

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